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Information Page

As part of this unprecented effort to release financial documents and information to the public, the County Clerk's office has put numerous reports in this portal. Providing access to these documents gives taxpayers the ability to see exactly where their money is being spent.

There are numerous types of reports available. Please feel free to scroll down or click on a type of report to the right to jump directly to those reports.

All reports here are in PDF format. For more information on pdfs, please visit


Every year Macoupin County Board passes a budget for all funds for that fiscal year. The County's fiscal year runs from September 1st to August 31st.

The Board passes the budget in resolution form. There is a budget passed at the beginning of the year that can be amended as necessary. Currently, you are able to pull up each fiscal year's final budget from the links on the left. For more resolutions, please visit the resolution page on


While budgets give the big picture to constituents, an audit reveals how well a government performs on its goals. An audit allows citizens to track government spending over time to spot unusual activity or growth in government spending. An audited comprehensive annual report also includes a management letter that points out problems in accounting processes and helps stop opportunities for fraud.

Hard copies of audits are available at the county's public libraries as directed by a previous resolution. Read the Resolution Making County Audit available at public libraries here.

Checkbook Summaries

The checkbook summaries located on a separate page linked to the right are copies of the Claims and Officers report presented to and approved by the County Board each meeting. This means the reports run one month behind. For example, if you are looking for January 2012 information, you would have to check the February 2012 Claims and Officers Report.

These reports have a variety of information on them. They include a monthly summary of expenses by line item, various revenue reports, salary information and beginning in December 2013, a listing of the checkbook from the General fund.

Some reports are not on file. For those months that the report can not be partially recreated a note of (Not on file) is placed after the month. If part of the report could be recreated, a note of (Partial) is placed after the month.

You can view the Checkbook Summaries given to the County Board each month to see the same information in a PDF. This information is housed on the County's open data portal.

Salary Reports

Tax payer dollars pay the salary of each county employee.

In 2015, Pete Duncan as County Clerk launched a web database of all county employee's salaries and benefits. This detailed website allows for searching by name, job title, department or bargaining unit and goes back to 2006.

Yearly Treasurer Reports

The yearly treasurer reports are a full list of each check cut, by vendor, for the fiscal year.

This budget report is sorted by vendor number. A 'one time vendor' or someone who would not normally receive checks from the county on a frequent basis is given a vendor number of '0'.

These reports are only made available at the end of a fiscal year. However, the Checkbook summaries reports have each months listing included.

Taxes and Fee Reports

One of the most important jobs county government has is collecting the property taxes each year. The rates of each local government body should be easily accessible. Here you will find a report showing the rates and extension amount collected for each local government. These reports will allow you to better track where your tax dollars are going across the county.

Fee Schedule

The County government has numerous fees it collects for a varity of services. The schedule provided gives you a comprehensive list of the fees. See the fee schedule for yourself.

Contracts and Bids

In 2011, the Macoupin County Board passed a resolution authorizing all contracts approved by the Board to be posted online. Since then, any contracts the Board has approved have been placed here for the public to be able to read the terms of the contracts and see what their money is being spent on. See the Resolution Directing Contracts to be Posted Online

Current Bids or Requests for Proposals

Any current bids or requests for proposals will be found below:

No current bids or requests.


Macoupin County has not directly employed any lobbyists in recent years but is a member of several organizations who do. A list of those organiations is here.